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Manila Rope Mats

TM International supplies manila rope mats for the automotive industry to facilitate the safe handling, maintaining and changing of various metal molding dies. These industrial manila rope mats can also be used when installing or servicing dies that could otherwise be damaged.


Engines will often be suspended or rested on the hard, concrete floor, which can damage numerous parts. By placing a manila rope mat down on the floor before starting your work, you can avoid this type of damage.

Industrial Rope Mats That Stand Above the Rest


Industrial rope mats provide a serviceable buffer, as their soft, yet durable, construction allows for much-needed cushioning. A relatively open weave allows for oils and fluids to drain through without pooling around the parts and materials, saving them from potential damage. Adequate drainage also protects workers from conditions that could cause harmful side effects.

Depending on the weave and material, our products can hold more than 10,000 pounds without fraying or breakage. You can customize the specifications of your rope mat so it matches its intended purpose. If you need economical, lightweight or heavy duty, we can accommodate you as necessary.

We can even design the mats to feature lifting straps — as well as metal rings for support — in the corners, which will give you invaluable versatility in how and where you position them. Place them on the floor for protection from heavy objects or underneath parts that could otherwise be damaged.

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