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Blast Protections for Roofs

Securing a building's structural integrity is a vital task for many reasons, especially when its operations come with inherent risks.

Reinforced concrete and steel beams help a lot with these issues, but even they can succumb to dangerous blasts, especially when it comes to roofs and ceilings. If you want added peace of mind for the safety of your employees and your buildings, TM International, LLC manufactures a series of different solutions aimed at preventing significant damage from explosions of all kinds.

As a leader in the explosion safety field, we've assisted a vast range of industries, including airports, construction, demolition, mining, government agencies, petrochemical companies, stadiums and universities. If you need a blast-resistant roof, our blast shields will deliver the results you require.

What Makes Our Blast-Resistant Shields for Roofing Superior?

From battlefields to chemical plants, blast-resistant roofing will add an unparalleled amount of safety to your location. You'll keep people protected from catastrophic incidents, and it'll also help to keep your structures intact.

Our blast shields are incredibly resilient, yet they grant versatility thanks to their lightweight blueprint. You can have them transported and installed practically anywhere, which gives you a turn-key solution to your blast safety needs. You can also retrofit older buildings of all kinds to keep pace with new technology and products, including production facilities and research institutions.

With its trademark woven design, integrating our blast shields with your current roofing system allows for ventilation and breathability in the event of an explosion. Rather than deflect or redirect projectiles, our blast shields for roofs will absorb the impact of the particles while significantly decreasing their velocity to contain them. This feature will keep the surrounding area intact, as you won't have to worry about a ricochet causing additional damage elsewhere.

To gain some perspective on the effectiveness of our product for roofing, our patented blast shields has been approved against missile attacks for nearly 15 years now. It can absorb a great deal of energy while blocking harmful debris from entering the room.

More specifically, it can reduce peak pressure by more than 50%, which is essential because the shockwaves from explosions can create enough pure force to injure, and possibly kill, humans without shrapnel or debris even being present.

We believe in creating reliable products that will keep their value for a long time, which is why we make eco-friendliness a valued tenet of our philosophy. We aim to recycle used and damaged blast shields, which reduces overall waste, all without sacrificing our high standard for quality.

Contact TM International, LLC for More Information on Blast-Resistant Roof Shields

We're one of the country's premier providers of explosive safety equipment, as our unique blast shield and protection solutions will help to produce an environment that's secure and reliable. We've been a longstanding member of the International Society of Explosives Engineers, which has dedicated itself to advancing the science and safety of explosives engineering for the last 40 years.

We have a full selection of products that you can take advantage of, including our blast walls, to complement your blast shields for blast-resistant roofs, and we're confident that we can work with you to find what you need.