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Airport Terminal Blast Protection for Underground Parking Lots

Blast wall built into wall

After 9/11, our nation instituted all sorts of new regulations aimed at making air travel as safe and secure as possible. The Federal Aviation Administration created one of those new regulations, issuing an emergency directive that prevented parking lots from operating within a 300-foot radius of any airport terminal.

The FAA wanted to prevent someone from detonating a bomb inside a parking garage that might hurt people in airport terminals. While this directive makes airports safer, garages operating inside the 300-foot radius immediately lost a great deal of revenue. Parking garage operators can apply for waivers to the rule, but they often require management to take additional measures that are too expensive to be practical.

At TM International, LLC, we have an affordable and effective solution that makes it possible for parking garages inside the 300-foot radius to obtain the waiver needed to continue operating.

Shields for Airport Blast Protection

Our Blast Shields are proven to stop blast fragmentation while reducing peak pressure by more than 50 percent. Given this performance, they can be used to reduce the FAA’s required safety distance between a parking garage and an airport terminal. This allows the garage operator to regain lost revenue while also giving airport passengers a closer and more efficient parking option.

Our Blast Shields are made of 5/8-inch galvanized IWRC wire rope. Their woven construction provides complete protection from projectiles and other debris that might emit from an explosion in a parking garage. Our Blast Shields also reduce pressure from shock waves, which was one of the FAA’s main concerns about airport blast protection. Our airport Blast Shields are specially designed to absorb up to 6,500 J/cm2 of energy, and they are rigorously tested using 9,000-psi blasts of air.

When you choose Blast Shields for your parking garage, you enjoy the added benefit of venting. If there is a blast, the Blast Shields help vent harmful dust and fumes. Blast Shields from TM International, LLC, are lightweight and easy to install. They are available in custom sizes to fit your spaces, and they are affordable.

While waivers to the FAA’s directive are considered on a case-by-case basis and subject to a number of different factors, our Blast Shields are an effective option for airport blast protection, and they can be used to obtain a much-needed waiver for your parking garage operation.


airport blast wall

About TM International, LLC

Airport terminal blast protection is just one of our many areas of expertise at TM International LLC. We are the world’s premier provider of protection against pressure, debris and catastrophic events, and our products are intelligently and uniquely designed to protect people and assets from unforeseen failures, storms and other circumstances.

We serve a wide range of clients in need of a safety solution against flying matter, explosions or other catastrophic pressure releases. Given our experience, knowledge and track record of manufacturing effective solutions, we are your best option when you need airport terminal blast protection and the additional revenue and convenience that comes with operating inside the FAA’s 300-foot radius. When you choose Blast Shields from TM International, LLC, you discover just how efficient and affordable airport blast protection can be.

Contact us today for more information about Blast Shields and the airport blast protection they can provide.