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Blasting Mats for Mining

For centuries, mining has been an important and embedded part of the American economy. Without effective and safe mining, there would be so many natural resources we would be unable to enjoy. However, mining does come with significant threats to safety — the safety of the miners themselves, as well as to people and property nearby.

At TM International, our Mazzella blasting mats for mining are specially designed to help minimize those threats to safety. As a mine owner or operator, you care deeply about your work and about the people doing it. When you choose to invest in blasting mats for your mining operations, you become more adept at preventing mine collapse possibilities and taking care of your people. Read on to learn more about our blasting mats for mining and how they can help your operation

Using a Blasting Mat in Mine Shafts

Controlled blasts are used to create and expand mines of all kinds. Blasters use a range of tools and techniques to control the blast to the greatest extent possible, minimizing vibration and reducing air blasts. These tools and techniques are needed to protect both the people working on the mine and other structures in the immediate vicinity.

At TM International, our Mazzella blasting mats for mining can be an important and useful tool as you create or expand mines. They feature a woven wire rope construction that is versatile and easily adaptable, no matter what type of mine you’re working on. They are also easy to manipulate and install, which makes it fast and easy to prepare your blast site with a limited waste of time.

You can secure blasting mats for mining in a number of different sizes — including options ranging from 4 feet by 6 feet up to 14 feet by 16 feet, as well as custom sizes. No two mines are exactly the same, which is why it’s important to have several options as you seek the right blasting mats for mining.

Our blasting mats for mining are known to reduce peak blast pressure while also containing flying debris. Unlike rubber blasting mats, our woven-steel design blasting mats vent gases immediately after ventilation, which is just another benefit of choosing this unique blasting solution. Blast shields can also be used in tunnels and to support mine walls to prevent falling rock.


Preventing Workplace Injury

Any number of things can go wrong with a mining blast. That’s why you need experienced blasters handling the work and the proper tools. In addition to preventing mine collapse possibilities, Mazzella blasting mats can also help limit flyrock, reduce the chances of mine-induced seismicity and limit the safety risks associated with misfires or premature blasts.

Workplace injury in mines doesn’t have to be common. All it takes is experience, knowledge, and the right safety tools and materials. Make sure your mining operation is as safe as possible when you choose Mazzella blast mats from TM International.

Get the Best Blasting Mats for Mining

When you’re ready to secure the best blasting mats for mining, TM International is ready to help. Our Mazzella blasting mats are designed to deliver the utmost in mine safety, whether you’re creating a new mine or expanding an existing one. If you have questions or need help navigating our selection of blasting mats for mining, get in touch with us at any time.

Contact us today about securing the blasting mats for your mining operation.