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Boiler Explosion Blast Protection

Boilers are a common feature in all kinds of industries, yet many businesses don't often treat the associated risks with much concern. Despite possessing the ability to hold a tremendous amount of potential energy — enough to launch a car more than 125 feet in the air at 85 miles per hour — companies often find themselves ill-prepared for the worst-case scenario. All boilers can create massive explosions, and all it takes is one misstep for it to happen.

While we can't completely stop these blasts from occurring, TM International, LLC produces safety equipment that can significantly reduce the force, thus minimizing damage to people and property.

How Common Are Boiler Explosions?

Significant boiler mishaps don't happen as often as some other types of accidents, such as car wrecks, but they occur often enough that all savvy businesses should invest in appropriate safety methods.

For example, the Wisconsin Boilers Inspectors Association conducted a wide-ranging survey that identified 27 severe incidents involving boiler explosions at factories, plants, and other industrial locations around the world in 2016. People sustained injuries in many of those instances, and there were more than 100 total deaths. That survey doesn't include unreported or residential incidents, either, which indicates the numbers are likely even higher.

Ultimately, foolproofing a boiler can prevent your business from experiencing a tragedy and losing its standing in the world.

What Causes Boiler Explosions?

A variety of operational miscues can cause catastrophic consequences.

Common part failures could potentially occur with the safety valve, as well as blowoff pipes and water gauges. A boiler’s burner can also suffer from an issue where it does not shut off when it should. When that happens, the check valve does not redistribute pressure from one side while the other side builds up heat. Instead, the pressure will continue to grow within the tank.

Infrequent inspections and lackadaisical maintenance can also be to blame. A lack of water can ruin the equilibrium within the boiler, which causes pressure to build beyond containable levels. Leaking pipes can also pose significant issues. Boilers should always undergo inspection at least once per year by trained professionals.

We Offer Industrial Boiler Explosion Protection Products

Protective blast equipment won't solve any unresolved issues within your boiler, but you also won't have to worry about its exploded remnants launching through your ceiling. Notable incidents, like a 2017 explosion in St. Louis, demonstrate how much collateral damage can occur without proper containment equipment.

We create blast shields & walls with woven-steel cables, which you can easily transport and install around your boiler. Our shields can absorb thousands of joules worth of impact force, which will stop projects and debris from flying in all directions. These blast shields will protect your building from any flying debris and reduce the peak pressure of an explosion by more than 50%.

Contact TM International, LLC to Discuss Boiler Explosion Protection

As leaders in the explosive safety industry, we're committed to maximizing protection in practical ways. Industrial boiler explosion protection is no different, as you will receive custom blast shield solutions that address your concerns.

You can receive free quotes on all of our products, and our representatives will consult with you to determine the appropriate course of action. Please fill out our online contact form today, or call our head office at 718-328-6021.