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Blast Mitigation Products

The reasons for needing blast mitigation products are diverse, which is why a wide collection of blast mitigation products is needed. Learn more about the various products available and why you might need them so you can choose the best option for your application.

Industries That Use Blast Mitigation Products

Many different types of companies and organizations need blast mitigation products to keep specific areas and spaces safe and fully protected. Specialized products provide solutions for various situations across industries, including:

  • Construction: Teams use blast mats on job sites and in quarries to reduce flying rock and noise.
  • Road cutting and drilling: Blast mats protect people and equipment when removing hard rock before cutting new roads.
  • Mining: Teams install blast mats when creating or expanding mines, ensuring worker safety and minimizing mine collapse possibilities.
  • Petrochemical facilities: Teams use blast relief panels and control blast wall products to add an extra layer of safety when working with explosive chemicals and industrial boilers.
  • Military and government: Blast walls and mats serve the government and military during infrastructure and construction projects.
  • Airports: Blast shields ensure underground parking lots within 300 feet of airport terminals meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.

Why You Might Need Blast Mitigation Products

Here are some common reasons why businesses need blast mitigation products:

  • Comply with government standards
  • Meet health and safety standards on a job site
  • Prevent equipment loss and chemical disasters
  • Prevent worker injuries and potential damage to surrounding buildings
  • Reduce noise, especially in urban areas and residential neighborhoods

How to Choose the Right Blast Mitigation Products

When choosing blast mitigation products, consider two things: your industry and your intended application. Some of the most common applications include:

  • Infrastructure protection: Safeguard your building against projectiles and shockwaves.
  • Boilers: Protect your business from a boiler explosion.
  • Parking garage: Create a blast-resistant parking structure and increase overall safety.
  • Bomb squad: Contain powerful bomb explosions, ensuring people and property remain safe.
  • Roofs: Reinforce the structural integrity of your building, especially when operations come with higher risks.

The Mitigation Products We Offer

About TM International

At TM International, LLC, we are a knowledgeable and experienced supplier that can offer outstanding products and industry-leading customer service. Our patented wire rope blasting mats provide effective yet affordable solutions to flying debris on various worksites, safeguarding crews, buildings and equipment. With a reputation built on quality, value and personalized support, we give customers the confidence to choose robust blast mitigation products.

Join Us in Saving Lives and Properties Today!

Are your facilities and blasting areas as safe as they need to be? You know and understand the need for blast mitigation products, but you need to find the best possible supplier of blast containment tanksblast wallsblasting mats for sale and other blast mitigation products.

Our expert team is ready to help you find the best blast mitigation products for your industry and application! With local and international shipping options available, we deliver mitigation solutions directly to your work site. Get in touch with us at any time if you have questions about the products listed above or if you need expert guidance in considering your various options. At TM International, LLC, we’re always here to help.

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