Static and Dynamic Testing of T.M. International Steel Cable Blast Containment Products

T.M. International Blast Shields have been extensively tested and proven to dramatically reduce peak pressure and stop near blast fragmentation. Our products have been militarily tested against conventional mortars, rockets and artillery from direct contact to 1 meter away.


120mm Dynamic Test-Mortar traveling 400 meters per second Composition B warhead

Blast Wall Protection System tested against warhead

Blast Containment tank: 2 Kg TNT tests

Blast containment tank for the military tested with TNT
New Explosion After 10 Blasts
EOD blast protection device Explosion protection devices for the government and military Military EOD Blast protection systems
1 Meter Distance 2 Panel System Inner & Outer Layer After Detonation Witness Plate 0 Penetrations

SafePass � Tests

Military Checkpoint Explosion Control System TMI Safepass Mobile Explosion Control System Safepass Explosion Protection for Car bombs and more
Suicide Bomber 2 � 3.5 Kg C4 Explosion SafePass After the Explosion

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