Road Cut Drilling & Blasting Mats

Last Updated: 1/11/2018 11:03 a.m.

Road cutting is a core part of establishing a country’s infrastructure. Across the world, roads are built with blasting, which removes hard rock from beneath the planned roadway’s surface. Blast mats for road cutting are essential because they prevent the explosion from causing damage to you, your team and civilians.

Purpose of Road Cutting

Purpose of Road Cutting Mountains, valleys and hills act as the inspiration for road cutting. Through road blasting, construction teams can cut through mountains, level valleys and reduce hills to build or expand a road. The process of blasting roadways also ensures the road is level.

In some cases, road blasting is used with a cut and fill process. This technique allows teams to reuse cutting material to create embankments.

Engineers rely on several blasting methods to shape and prepare a road, which include the following:

Teams choose which techniques to use based on each project’s unique factors, such as the scale of the project and its proximity to roadways, homes and businesses. The type of rock also influences the drilling patterns and explosives used in each method.

Where Road Cutting Happens

Road cutting projects take place throughout the U.S. and across the world as roads are built and expanded. Famous cuts in the U.S. include the Pikeville Cut–Through in Kentucky on U.S. Route 23 and the Sideling Hill Cut on Interstate 68.

Recent projects in the U.S. include Snoqualmie Pass in Washington, which Interstate 90 passes through, U.S. Route 26 near Mount Hood in Oregon and State Route 77 in Arizona. The purpose of these projects is to expand road lanes or remove rock from potentially collapsing onto the roadway.

Regions experiencing a growth in infrastructure, such as Africa, Asia and Latin America, are also funding numerous road construction projects that require drilling and blasting to flatten future roadways.

Blast Mats for Road Cutting

Wherever a road cutting project takes place, blast mats are a critical safety component. They provide protection from projectiles, like flyrock, which ensures your team and any bystanders remain unharmed from the explosion. Protection is crucial, as road blasting can occur near homes and businesses that straddle the existing roadway.

Our steel cable blast mats for road cutting provide a series of unique benefits that distinguish them from traditional rubber mats. These advantages include:

Selecting our blast mats for your road cutting projects allows you to save money, stay safe and remain productive on your blasting assignments. Learn more about our patented blast mats by contacting us today.

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