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Mazzella is one of the best-known blasting mats manufacturers in the business. They’re known for quality products used in fragmentation protection since 1909 when the wire rope blasting mat was invented to protect lives and property for the development of the New York City subway project.

The wire rope blasting mat made an immediate impact on the safety standards of blasting operations in high density urban areas. With the ability to stop flying debris, the wire rope blasting mats allow for safer construction in high-population, high-traffic environments. They provide for greater production of your work crew too. Mazzella products are the only blasting mats designed to vent gasses. The recycled woven wire construction is durable, reliable and advanced enough to offer protection to those inside and outside your blast site. Ultimately, this provides blasters with more control than ever before, and the ability to develop in areas that otherwise would be untouchable.

Mazzella wire rope blasting mats weigh an astonishing 16.5 pounds per square foot (80 kg/m²), allowing you double the load of mats per truck over rubber products. They’re easier to install in a shorter amount of time. Invest in Mazzella, and you’ll enjoy greater convenience and lower fuel costs along with the improved safety and durability the blast mats supplier is famous for.

How durable are they?

Our wire rope blasting mats are built to withstand intensive daily use, and our wire rope blasting mats are fireproof, offering blasters the ability to use new modern aluminized explosives. The Mazzella wire rope blasting mat is constructed under strict standards and is completely recyclable (green), unlike units made from rubber tires. Check out these, and other blast products by T.M. International, LCC, when amassing the fragmentation protection you need to keep your projects - and your teams - safe and on schedule.

Increased production, ease of use and lower trucking costs add to the bottom line. Our Blasting Mats can be used with any types of detonators (Electric, Non Electric and Electronic) and on any type of build, mine or blast site. We Ship Anywhere in the World in a 20' container, to ensure low-cost delivery of your new safety gear. Get in touch with TM International, LLC to place your order today!

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