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Steel Cable Blasting Mats for Sale

Demolition, explosives and blast sites all involve an element of risk. These activities create flying debris capable of injuring your crew and bystanders, as well as causing serious damage to surrounding property. Our blasting mats prevent that from happening by effectively stopping projectiles from traveling outside your work site.

The Price of Progress

The first steel blasting mats were created to shelter citizens and communities during the development of the New York subway system. The large protective sheets were made of woven metal cables. Nothing could penetrate them. A precarious project, the plan required blasting under the streets in areas with existing homes and businesses. It was essential to the development of NYC, and the cable blasting mats played an integral role in their construction.

Reusable, Recyclable Impact

In areas where blast safety equipment is needed the most, waste is also a common problem. The use of sustainable materials benefits health and resources around the world, but in areas without the basic programs for managing garbage, a reusable product carries extra benefits. When using reusable explosive blast mats in these communities, your company exhibits the responsibility needed to create long-term relationships.

It's also significantly cheaper to use reusable, recyclable materials. Many brands of rubber tire blasting products, for instance, must be disposed of at your expense, while you may be able to sell cable alternatives to another operation or to a recycling service.

Unique Benefits of Steel Blasting Safety Products

While rubber products may seem less expensive from the get-go, steel cable mats have several financial advantages:

  • Can be used more than once.

  • More mats fit per shipment, so they're cheaper to transport to your build site.

  • Faster to install and remove.

  • Perfectly suited to any blast environment.

  • Vent gases to give you more control.

  • Fire-proof. While rubber blast mats have the ability to catch on fire, steel cable blast mats are unique in preventing you from losing money from the blast mat catching on fire.

TM International, LLC blast mats withstand every type of explosive substance available, and they work well with any style of detonation device. Steel cable blasting equipment is your best bet for creating and maintaining a safe work environment.

Customized Solutions From TM International, LLC

Our blasting protection products come in our patented design for top efficiency. They come in a wide range of sizes, too, including customized solutions for your special projects. We're capable of making our products match your needs.

Save money, stay protected and be as productive as possible knowing your liabilities are covered. Contact TM International, LLC today to find out which blasting mats are best for your business.

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