Blast Mitigation

Blast Shields and Walls

TM International's blast walls and shields play an essential role in ensuring safety in a variety of ways such as petro-chemical facilities and research institutions, boiler room facilities, airports and other environments where a high degree of explosive risk is present. Our steel cable blast walls deliver the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protected against unforeseen events. Flexible and easy to set up in various locations, a blast shield wall from TM International is a complete turnkey solution for keeping your personnel and assets safe in a wide range of dangerous circumstances.

Product Specifications

TM International blast shields walls offer exceptional protection against on-the-job explosions thanks to their patented woven wire construction. Made from 5/8-inch galvanized IWRC wire rope, they are capable of absorbing up to 6,500 J/cm2 of energy, and reducing peak blast pressures - the primary destructive element of an explosion - by anywhere between 50-80 percent. All our products are tested thoroughly to confirm they meet the high standards our clients expect. In the case of our blast walls and blast shields, this involves subjecting them to a series of 9,000-psi air blasts, simulating the intense impact of a bomb or of debris flying at high speeds.

Our blast walls and shields feature a lightweight, easy-to-transport modular design that makes them simple to install in any property. Use individual panels on their own or link together multiple units for complete blast wall facility protection. For detailed specifications, please contact TM International directly.

Industries and Applications

TM International blast shield walls are one part of a complete industrial solution for explosion safety. Typical applications include both internal and external protection of building facades, lower floors and structural systems. They can also be used to retrofit older facilities in need of additional protection against bomb blasts or other explosions.

Some of the ways in which TM International blast walls can be used include:

  • Containing blast fragmentation and reducing peak pressure when disposing of a bomb or other explosive device
  • Providing a fire- and explosion-proof canopy for screening individuals at a security checkpoint, secure entranceway or border crossing
  • Protecting the facade of a building or other important infrastructure
  • Retrofitting an older facility or storage area

Because they can be quickly deployed and easily taken down, blast shield walls can be used for temporary blast protection during special events or times of heightened vigilance. Our products feature a breathable design that stops flying debris without trapping in hazardous fumes. They are also ideal for use in chemical processing plants where there is a risk of an explosive chain reaction.

In fact, TM International blast shields played a key role in saving lives in a 2008 explosion at a Bayer CropScience chemical plant in West Virginia. According to the official incident report published by the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, our product "provided effective protection against penetration by small projectiles traveling at near sonic velocity, as well as penetration by a large fragment traveling more than 100 mph."

Whatever your application, TM International blast walls can deliver reliable blast mitigation and barrier force protection. Keep browsing our website to learn more or contact a representative (above) directly to request a quote.

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Bomb blast wall Example   Bomb blast wall used on building

The Blast Shield Wall protects building facade, lower floors and structural systems that are not designed to withstand the high-energy loads produced by a bomb blast.

T.M.I's Blast Shield Wall's flexible modular design and structure provides unparallel protection for blast mitigation.