TMI Blast Containment Tank for Bomb Squads, Military, and Security

Blast Containment Tanks

TM International blast containment vessels are designed to help EOD (explosive ordinance disposal) teams safely contain explosive threats. In these situations, great care and quality products are essential to preventing damage to the surrounding area. Using our proprietary woven steel design, our product effectively contains blast fragmentation and reduces explosive pressure, making it safe to detonate a found bomb or other explosive device.

A Lightweight and Portable Blast Containment Box

Our blast containment systems are designed to be highly portable, making them ideal for use by bomb squads, military and police units, private security contractors and anyone else who needs to quickly respond to emergency scenarios involving an explosive device. Optional mounting on a tag-along trailer further simplifies the delivery and installation process, eliminating the need for an additional vehicle to transport the product. A major benefit of our blast containment system is the ability for an EOD unit to be taken away by the bomb squad- reducing the potential for a bomb going off in a public space.

Benefits of Using a Steel Blast Containment Device

Compared to alternatives wire rope blast containment systems deliver greater impact absorption and superior protection against fragmentation debris. Our product is made from heavy-duty 5/8-inch galvanized IWRC wire rope, which is capable of reducing peak blast pressures by a minimum of 50 percent. Highly durable, TM International blast containment vessels can be repeatedly reused, making them an affordable choice for any organization. For detailed specifications, as well as more information about potential applications, take a look around the site or contact us.

About TM International

TM International has been a longstanding partner to EOD teams around the world. We are proud to provide the products and expertise professionals required to detonate found explosives, making our world progressively safer with each blast containment box we sell.

Check out our Tests & Results page to read more about the advanced capabilities of our products. If you'd like to obtain a quote for a blast containment system, contact us for more information and specifics.

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New Tank Charge = 2 Kg TNT After 10 Tests