Blast Shields

Product information:
The Blast Shields are designed and build to Protect Personnel, Structures, Equipment, Pipes, Generators, Reactors and more from an explosion or flying debris (storms).

Tank Protection at the Bayer Corp Institution, West Virginia

MIC tank explosion protection mat before MIC tank explosion blast mats after
MIC Tank Before The explosion MIC Tank after the Explosion
Research Center Explosion Protection Research Facility Explosion Walls

Bayer Corp Explosion ; On August 28, 2008, at about 10:35 p.m., a runaway chemical reaction occurred inside a 4,500 gallon pressure vessel known as a residue treater, causing the vessel to explode violently in the methomyl unit at the Bayer Crop Science facility Institute, West Virginia.

T.M. International Woven Wire Ballistic Curtains were installed completely surrounding the Methylisocyanate tank, protecting it from the Blast and fragments.

The Blast shields served multiple functions: prevent small projectile penetration or significantly reduce the projectile exit velocity, attenuate energy from an explosion generated pressure wave, and absorb heat from an explosion or fire.