Airport Terminals & Underground Parking Lots

T.M. International, LLC, manufactures robust Blast Shields capable of reducing the required safety distance between airport parking garages and terminals. Parking facilities can use our airport blast wall technology as an efficient, affordable way to increase revenue and provide greater convenience to travelers at airports of all sizes.

Following the attacks on 9-11, the FAA instituted an emergency directive preventing parking garages from operating within a 300-foot radius of any terminal. Few measures exist to obtain waivers to the rule, and those immediately put into practice were often too expensive to be practical. Garages lost tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

T.M. International, LLC, our airport parking lot blast shield applications are capable of providing the protection required by the FAA to allow facilities to continue operating spaces within the protected perimeter. Regain lost revenue, provide for the safety and convenience of your patrons and get an advantage over your competition by investing in quality airport blast controls.

Our Blast Shields stop near blast fragmentation while reducing peak pressure by more than 50%. Constructed of 5/8-inch galvanized IWRC wire rope, the woven construction provides all the protection needed to stop flying projectiles and other debris in its tracks. It also works to reduce pressure from shock waves, a major consideration in the FAA's ruling. Our airport blast walls are designed to absorb up to up to 6,500 J/cm2 of energy and are rigorously tested using 9,000-psi blasts of air. The patented design also allows for venting of dust and harmful fumes following a blast as well. In addition, our blast walls are light weight, easy to install and can be ordered to customizable sizes, making them an efficient and affordable option for any parking garage.

According to the FAA directive, waivers to the 300-foot rule are available on a case-by-case basis. The guidelines appropriate at one airport may be insufficient to keep travelers safe at other locales. Increased traffic, building design, the quality of construction and age of a building, along with other factors determines whether an airport blast shield will meet the needs of a parking facility.

Consult a T.M. International, LLC, representative to determine the appropriate needs for your business.


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