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About T.M. International - Blast Shield and Containment Device Manufacturer

TM International, LLC is the world's premier protection against pressure, debris and catastrophic events.
The unique design allows for asset protection against failures, storms or unforeseen circumstances.

TMI's woven wire rope product is unique in its ability to vent and breath. This gives it enormous strength and capability.

Our paneled design allows for ease of access for routine maintenance and upgrades over poured concrete.

TMI's unique blast protection offers users the flexibility they need in retro fitting production facilities, buildings and research institutions.

When you're looking for a solution for safety in any circumstance against flying matter, explosions or any catastrophic pressure release TMI has your solution.

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Our testing has taken place against the replicated worst-case battlefield shrapnel. The Blast Shield has proven repeatedly that it reduces peak pressure and halts shrapnel. Furthermore, the Blast Shield is uniquely capable of absorbing energy of both fragmentation and shock wave. This product does not deflect nor redirect airborne matter. Rather, it contains and reduces the velocity of these particles.

As a result, the Woven Wire Blast Shield has the unparalleled ability to save lives and property. It is the only known product of this kind in the world today.

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