Bomb Squad & EOD Applications

Blast Containment Devices and Applications

As explosive threats to public safety continue to evolve, there remains a strong need for bomb squads, police teams, military units and private security contractors to partner with innovative suppliers of EOD blast protection and containment equipment. TM International is a trusted manufacturer of blast mats, blast walls, and blast containers for governments, bomb squads, and more. As a military explosion containment supplier, we offer a selection of advanced, durable products that provide superior protection for EOD team members, bystanders and related assets.

Bomb Squad Blast Containment Product Options

Our main product lines include blast walls for EOD protection, bomb-squad blast containers and the SafePass blast mitigation shield for checkpoint use. Blast walls feature a modular design that makes it easy to scale up or down for any purpose. Bomb-squad blast containers are available in a trailer-mounted configuration so they can be quickly transported in emergency situations where every second is critical.

How and Why Our Products Work

All EOD blast protection and containment equipment from TM International is constructed from heavy-gauge galvanized IWRC wire rope, making them capable of absorbing up to 6,500 J/cm2 of energy and reducing peak blast pressures by a minimum of 50 percent. They are also fireproof and durable enough to withstand multiple explosions.

To learn more about specific applications for our EOD blast mast and explosion containment equipment, keep browsing our website. Better yet, fill out the information request form on the right of the page to discuss your needs in detail.


SafePass bomb squad blast container SafePass On Site Magazine Disposal Test SafePass Magazine Blast Disposal Container After Blast

SafePass is - On-site Disposal Magazine

Bomb Squad Blast Container

Blast Containment Tank - On-site Demolition Tank - After 10 blasts of 2Kg TNT

Military Car Bomb Blast Wall Eod blast protection wall test Military EOD Blast Wall

Blast Shield Wall - Stopped the destructive attack of a Car Bomb

Suicide Bomber Blast Protection Tunnel test to contain suicide belt explosion Blast protection tunnel after suicide bomb test

SafePass - Contained the fragmentations and daramatically reduced pressure produced from four 60mm Suicide Belt